Bulk Flower

1/2oz Mojo (Shake)

NGW Mojo is an indica dominant hybrid strain created though a potent cross of Agent Orange X (Purple Tahoe Alien... read more

1/2oz Lemon Skunk (Shake)

DETAILS Effects: relaxed, euphoric, energetic, creativity Flavors: skunk, citrus, sweet DESCRIPTION Lemon Skunk is a 60/40 Sativa-Dominant, early-afternoon hybrid with,... read more

1/2oz Green Crack (Shake)

SATIVA DETAILS Effects: daytime, energetic, alert, euphoric, creativity Flavors: fruit, earth, citrus DESCRIPTION Green Crack is a Sativa-Dominant strain which... read more

1/2oz 309 OG (Shake)

309 OG is an indica dominant cross between Grimace OG and OG Kush. This unique phenotype was carefully selected by... read more